Clincal Hypnosis

Clinical hypnosis treats both medical and psychological conditions through inner absorption, concentration and focused attention. By utilizing mental imagery, you can gain greater insights into your behavior. Hypnosis can be used to treat many conditions including: IBS symptoms, chronic pain, inflammatory-based problems, anxiety, and depression.


IBS is a functional disorder of the GI tract. While some people respond well to traditional medicines, others report persistent symptoms even with medication. About 75% of IBS patient report that better results combining medicine and clinical hypnosis. With clinical hypnosis you will make the most of the mind-body connection and learn how to manage your condition better.

Individual Thearpy

When most people think about seeing a Psychologist, it’s generally for individual therapy. Therapy offers a way to explore personal issues and behaviors in a one-on-one comfortable and confidential environment. Conditions like: anxiety, bi-polar disorder, depression, post-traumatic stress and self-esteem issues are often treated in individual therapy sessions.

Pain Management

Pain Management For many people, chronic pain can be a stressor in their daily lives. Treating pain as purely a medical issue may limit the relief that can be expected because it’s often only part of the problem. By treating pain as both a physical and psychological problem, many people find greater relief. Psychotherapy, bio-feedback and hypnosis can be effective methods in treating chronic pain.

Work Injury

People often experience injuries as a result of their work duties. This can affect many aspects of their professional and private lives. The stress and pain associated with work injuries can have both physical and psychological consequences which both need to be addressed. By using a comprehensive team-approach, medical and psychological problems can be successfully treated.